YES, we are … "a business built by satisfied customers" Let us prove it to you too!

Weekly Service

Waterfront Custom Pools provides service to the finest residential pools in Palm Beach County. Once a week we check and adjust the pool chemicals, vacuum, net the surface, brush pool walls and bottom, empty the skimmer, fully check the system for any faults. Monthly filter clean.

Chemical Only Service

Our chemical only service is a great way to save money and not have to haul hazardous chemicals in your car.

Once a week we adjust the chemicals in your pool, ensuring the water is safe and crystal clear.

24 Hour Service

Anytime you call Waterfront Custom Pools you will speak directly to the owner. Ryan answers all phone calls regardless of the time or day. We realize there are last minute emergencies so feel free to call us 24 hours a day; we will send a technician out immediately!

Acid Wash

Call Waterfront Custom Pools for your next acid wash! Your local acid wash experts!

An acid wash is a great, inexpensive way to bring your pool back to life. We can turn the greenest, nastiest pool into a blue presentable pool with an acid wash. Benefits of an acid wash are endless, most importantly it will kill all algae, eliminate all staining, brighten up your finish etc. Also, while the pool is drained for an acid wash is the perfect time to fix anything below the water line (return jets, lights, main drain cover, tiles etc).  It’s a lot less costly do take care of maintenance or repairs while the pool is prepped for the acid wash.

When choosing a company to do an acid wash on your pool, keep in mind there is a lot more involved with an acid wash than just draining the pool. We take special care before, during, and after draining. Keeping an eye on the weather is very important as too much rain can damage an empty pool. We also make sure to not kill your grass or your neighbor’s grass with the old pool water!  During the acid wash the pool is brushed thoroughly with a wire brush to get rid of all the deep stains and/or embedded algae. Keeping acid off of all metals is also very important as the acid will destroy anything metal, e.g., ladders, light fixtures, etc. After the acid wash is complete the pool is refilled and all chemicals are balanced. For more info on the acid wash process or for info on the benefits of an acid wash call us anytime!


We repair everything that has to do with your pool! We are experts in filters, pumps, motors, time clocks, lights, tiles, leaks, plumbing and much more! All repairs are completed by a certified pool professional.